SGS retrofit project in the shipping press

Drax news release about the collaborative retrofit project.

This ship is ready to sail

The Race Against Time - our reflections on why shipping should embrace the challenges presented by the low carbon future

Owning the Future - SGS's report from the Bonn Climate talks COP23

Interview for Innovate UK 'Women in Innovation' winner

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Wind Forecast to be a force in shipping Splash 24/7 Feb 23rd 2017 article here

This article by eminent shipping economist, Dr Martin Stopford, rather makes the case for the SGS's system approach 

Speaking in Plymouth 12 Oct 2016

SGS in IWSA Innovation Awards 

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Commenting for Climate Change News article about shipping

Law Unto Itself - discussion with Materials World at Eco-Design conference 

Shift Happens - observations following presentation at All Energy May 4th 2016

Clip from SGSA participation in Paris Climate Change conference Dec 1 2015

Blogging from Paris Climate Change talks 

Red Tape, Green Wash and Chequered Flags a piece on Global Maritime website 'Splash 24/7'

Smart Green Shipping Alliance's Diane Gilpin is a scene setter at Nor-Shipping June 2015. For more info go here

Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) report on SGS developments- Sparring Partners

Great feature on Smart Green Shipping and systems leadership here:

Broad overview here from Bloomberg Business

A short film from our test programme at Southampton University

This feature length film is in French. Our project features from 18.31 - and here's a clip