One thing is certain, the price of wind won't change anytime soon. In an unpredictable world it's reassuring to know how much 'free fuel' will be available and by smart data analysis tools we can quantify the value of using the wind, and into the future other maritime renewables, on any ship on any route at any time of year. 

  • To accelerate the uptake of maritime renewables we need to measure and optimise wind / other renewables through a trustworthy smart data analysis tool

  • quantifies the value of wind, and in future versions other maritime renewables, on any ship on any route,

  • The system is born out of America’s Cup weather routing programmes, combined with big data from Met Office on wind, waves and currents, and comparative performance data for conventional ships operating on same routes

a sales tool

TRADEWIND provides trustworthy fuel cost / emission saving performance framework based on decades of hindcast weather data to act as the foundation for commercial agreements; this replicates a Met Office system that was critical to stimulating onshore wind energy systems

a design tool

TRADEWIND enables cost effective design optimisation; analysis on cost benefits of various design options can be undertaken by combining computational fluid dynamics (where the ship performance is modelled and tested in a computer) and TRADEWIND weather routing to predict how a design solution is likely to preform

a routing tool

It allows operational optimisation once ships are in use by using forecast data to predict when the propulsion can be provided by the wind and save fuel whilst still arriving at the destination port on schedule.